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The Check Your Engine Light (CYEL) Adapter plugs into vehicles underneath the steering wheel/dash into the DLC (Data Link Connector or OBD II Port) which can be found in your vehicle's manual.  It pairs with smartphones & tablets through Bluetooth and is unlocked to work with several mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS which can be found on the Apps Webpage .  The CYEL Adapter is compatible with vehicles 1996 and newer made for the North American Market including Domestics, Europeans and Asians.  You can watch the CYEL Adapter in action by viewing videos on the VIDEOs Webpage and on the CYEL YouTube Channel.


Who uses the CYEL Adapter?

Regular People who want to: 

  • Save money on scan charges
  • Build trust with a mechanic by verifying if they're being honest
  • Save time with a quick fix
  • Know basic info about your vehicle like - Why is the engine light on?  Will it pass an emissions SMOG test?
  • Be able to turn the engine light off
  • Verify if anything is wrong with a vehicle when used car shopping

Vehicle Enthusiasts who want to:

  • Have the latest and most advanced technology on the market for their vehicle
  • View live data like MPH, RPM, Boost, Horsepower, Torque, Intake Air Temperature, Turbo Charger Compressor Inlet Pressure and over a hundred more
  • Setup fully customizable dashboards and gauges for the live data mentioned above
  • Record track performance, log trip statistics and diagnostic info

Professional Automotive Technicians & Mechanics who want to:

  • Use the latest and most advanced technology on the market backed by 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Use Professional Features without the expensive price tag - Freeze Frame Data, Monitors Test, Data Logging, Mode $06, Mode $09 etc
  • Work more efficiently - compact size, no wires or big clunky screen, no waiting for coworkers to finish with the shop's tools

CYEL 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our Brand & Product 100% and challenge you to find a competitor that does the same. 

RETURN POLICY - The Check Your Engine Light Adapter can be returned up to 90 Days from the date it was originally purchased for a full refund (minus shipping) for any reason whatsoever, our aim is to keep our customers happy, simply contact us for return instructions at

WARRANTY - The Check Your Engine Light Adapter carries a 12 month warranty from the date it was originally purchased,  if it shits the bed for any reason whatsoever we'll replace it free of charge.  Excluding extreme cases where it has been physically damaged ie: thrown against a wall, driven over by a vehicle or dropped into water.  Contact us for instructions at