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The Check Your Engine Light (CYEL) Adapter works with vehicles from 1996 and newer made for the North American marketplace including Domestics, Europeans and Asians.  The CYEL adapter plugs into vehicles underneath the steering wheel/dash into the DLC (Data Link Connector or OBD II Port) and pairs with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

We left the CYEL adapter unlocked so you can get the most out of it by using it with many mobile apps for both Android and Apple.  You can view app demo & instructional videos on the VIDEOs Webpage, the CYEL YouTube Channel and find direct links to each app on the APPS Webpage.  

With the CYEL Adapter at $79.99 you have access to features costing a few hundred dollars on basic scantools and code readers and also features costing thousands of dollars available only on professional automotive diagnostic equipment.

Some Features Include:

  • See why the engine light is on, retrieve the codes (DTC's -Diagnostic Trouble Codes), read the definitions and use the online lookup feature to review more info

  • Turn the engine light off and clear the codes from the vehicle's computer

  • Retrieve the VIN Number from vehicle

  • Run an emissions test for SMOG: check if a vehicle is ready for emissions testing by reviewing 11 monitors (Misfire, Fuel System, Catalyst, Heated Catalyst, EVAP System, Oxygen Sensor, EGR System and more) and if drive cycles have been completed on each monitor

  • Make custom screens and setup gauges to show live data like MPH, RPM, Horsepower, Engine Temperature, Battery Voltage, Mass Air Flow, Boost, Torque, O2 Sensor Voltage, Instant Fuel Economy, Total Fuel Economy and over a hundred more!

  • Freeze Frame Data: Review emissions related data that is stored when a fault code is triggered: fuel system status, short term fuel % trim, ignition timing, absolute throttle position, control module voltage, mass air flow sensor, intake air temperature sensors and more

  • Monitors Mode $06: Analyze the operation of various components from the engine management and emissions control systems with advanced diagnostics like: Exhaust Gas Sensor, Catalyst, EVAPs, Purge Flow and Cylinder Misfire Data

  • Logs: Graph up to four variables and record behavior over time: MPH, RPM, Fuel Rate, Horsepower, Torque, Instant Fuel Economy, Mass Air Flow, Intake Air Temperature, Turbo Charger Compressor Inlet Pressure and over a hundred more!

  • Monitors Mode $09: Retrieve the VIN number and calibration numbers from all emissions related electronic modules (ECUs)

  • Trips Statistics: Record total fuel economy, fuel rate, fuel costs, average speed, number of hard accelerations and hard brakes and more

  • Performance: Set track records with zero to 60 mph times and quarter mile times and more

  • Dropbox Integration: Link your Dropbox account to store data in the cloud

The CYEL Adapter VS the Competition

The CYEL Adapter

  • We DO NOT sell your personal & vehicle data
  • Has NO monthly fee to use it
  • Is unlocked to work with apps on both Android and Apple
  • Can be used on more than one vehicle for one price, whether it's 1, 10, 100 or 10 000
  • CYEL 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Competitor Adapters

  • SELL your personal & vehicle data
  • Have monthly fee(s) associated with them
  • Are locked so it only works with their app, limiting it's true potential
  • Charge $40 - $80 for each additional vehicle
  • Have terrible warranty & return policy or none at all

CYEL 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our Brand & Product 100% and challenge you to find a competitor that does the same. 

RETURN POLICY - The Check Your Engine Light Adapter can be returned up to 90 Days from the date it was originally purchased for a full refund (minus shipping) for any reason whatsoever, our aim is to keep our customers happy, simply contact us for return instructions at

WARRANTY - The Check Your Engine Light Adapter carries a 12 month warranty from the date it was originally purchased,  if it shits the bed for any reason whatsoever we'll replace it free of charge.  Excluding extreme cases where it has been physically damaged ie: thrown against a wall, driven over by a vehicle or dropped into water.  Contact us for instructions at